Melanie Schmutz Chalk, co-author of Kids on the Move: Creative Movement for Children of All Ages, writes that creative movement is a special way for children to explore their body's ability to move, to promote creativity, and to develop physical skills.  Georgiana Freidman, the MCNS Movement Specialist, provides experiences for our children to help them learn more about their body, the space around them, and interacting creatively with others, often using music to enhance the movement experiences.

Music and movement together is a combination that allows young children the opportunity to express themselves even before they have developed solid language skills.  Including music with movement activities stimulates young children's auditory senses as well as their imagination.

We want children to have more guided gross motor activities that will give them appropriate physical exercise to help build a foundation for good health in the future.  Our stimulating playground options and regular movement classes introduce them to fun and challenging ways of moving their bodies and reinforce the value of physical exercise.

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