music and creative expression

At MCNS music is an integral part of our daily curriculum because we believe that music makes an important difference in the lives of children.  Research has validated what early childhood educators understand, that music in the daily lives of children has a huge impact on their well-being and learning and brain development.  Musical experiences in children’s early years are critical for their development.  Young children need a rich musical environment to help them grow and develop, including a variety of sound sources, selected recorded music, and opportunities for free improvised singing and accompanied songs.  An exploratory approach, using a varied selection of appropriate materials and instruments, provides a fertile base from which conceptual understanding can evolve in later years.  These diverse musical experiences should initiate in young children both independent and collaborative play with musical materials and stimulate further curiosity about music.   Along with daily musical experiences in the classrooms, our two music specialists, Louise Rogers and Jacob Pevsner, supported by additional musical opportunities provided by other specialists, ensure that children at MCNS have exposure to and hands-on involvement with an enormous variety of musical experiences.

Drumming, hands-on experimentation with rhythm and musical instruments, singing, and exposure to a wide variety of music genres, but particularly jazz and its spontaneous and creative elements, are key components of our music program.   Each year we organize a Jazz Festival that includes performances by various jazz combos and artists, parent presentations, a concert by a local children’s jazz choir, and many curriculum activities that relate to jazz.

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