children playing

Our Program

Early childhood education is based upon a child's beginning to understand and appreciate himself and herself and interacting and communicating comfortably with others. Our philosophy is that these developments can be encouraged most effectively in a warm, intimate environment where young children play, interact, and learn with nurturing, well-trained and experienced teachers.

Children Learn Through Exploring and Interacting with Materials and People

Young children learn by exploring, working with materials, engaging themselves with challenging problems which interest them, trying things and then trying again. They learn by interacting with other children and adults. They learn by using their senses and by experimenting and exploring. The classroom is their laboratory; and teachers are both guides and facilitators in their learning process. In addition, young children typically integrate what is meaningful to them. They understand and remember new concepts and ideas which relate to their experiences, knowledge, and the skills they already have internalized. The school's conviction of the value of play in the lives of young children is absolute. It therefore provides its youngsters with a great variety of materials and activities to stimulate their play, knowing that young children learn naturally because they are motivated by their own desire to make sense of the world.

Visitors, Observers, and Research

Our school permits carefully screened research projects, frequent visitations by people from outside the school, and regular observation of well, typically--developing young children in group settings. Children and our staff perceive and accept these activities as normal and routine parts of the program.

We Are a Mosaic

MCNS also provides a setting in which diversity is a given and highly respected. The school's staff reflects the rich diversity of New York City. The children come from a variety of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, with a range of abilities and developmental levels, and from a wide selection of neighborhoods and areas to interact and learn together.