Teaching Staff

Our experienced and well trained teachers work in teams to balance different activities and approaches which maximize children's development.

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young   teacher   teacher    
  Joanne, lead teacher, encourages a wide range of fine motor skill development through art.   Linda uses play-doh with a group to encourage interaction amoung the children.   Sheila works with the children using basic math skills to follow directions and measure.    
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middle teacher   teacher   teacher  
  Judy, lead teacher, supports a child through a period of sadness.   Karen asks open-ended questions that foster language and observational skills.   Judy reads to the children and encourages interaction while reading.   Samantha models clean up as part of having students learn responsibility.
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older Denise   teacher     teacher
  Denise, lead teacher, draws from observing and assessing her students to plan her teaching.   Sheila observes the children using manipulatives creating dramatic structures.   Amy facilitates imaginative play to encourage the creative process.   Louise uses drumming and rhythm to enhance musical development.