Why did you select MCNS?


My sister and I both attended MCNS over 25 years ago, and it would be wonderful for my daughter to be able to experience the same enriching program that we did when we were growing up nearby. My mother worked at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital for over thirty years as a nurse. This neighborhood and community has been a major part of my life, and I would like to share it with my daughter.

An alum from 25 years ago who is returning to the school with her daughter.



Life-time experiences and friendships?

We chose MCNS three times for our three very different children, knowing that it would be equally terrific for each of them.  Science, storytelling, music, and dance are some of the "extras" that you won't find anywhere else; and the caring, committed teachers make MCNS a place where children want to be.  This is a school where children love to learn, and truly learn to grow, 


A current parent who enrolled three children at the school: two alums and one current.



A cooking experience with Joanne and Linda


The documentary "Nursery University" highlights the stressful and competitive process of trying to find the perfect nursery school in New York City.   If you haven't seen the movie--don't.   Because in reality, the process doesn't have to be that crazy.  MCNS was the perfect school for us and without any of the drama or stress.  We chose MCNS because it was convenient to my work at the Columbia University Medical Center and because we knew that the administration, teachers and staff would provide our two boys with a nurturing environment where they were going to have fun learning while becoming prepared for elementary school.  We couldn't have been happier with our choice.  As an added bonus, we had a lot of support and advice throughout the process of applying to Kindergarten in New York City.  I can't imagine navigating that process without MCNS--but you don't have to worry about that just yet!!   

MCNS Community at annual Jazz Concert for famlies.

A former parent who had two children enrolled in the school.