Benefits of Preschool

What factors are part of a good preschool program? The short answer is that good programs look a lot less like the "rote learning, test focused elementary schools where kids are being “prepared” and a lot more like the native sandbox ideal of preschool as a place to encourage a certain kind of structured, imaginative play.' Our accredation from NAEYC reflects that we embody these princiciples in our program. NAEYC lists 30 characterics of a good preschool program.

Highlights of a good preschool:

Builds strong relationships between chlidren and adults.

Fosters children's.learning and development through exploration and play.

Honors the differences between children, includling learning styles and cultures.

Additionally, a recent article in The New York Times cites that skills learned in preschool such as cooperation and teamwork continue throughout life and are sought for in current work environment.